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Student NotesYou have come a long way now. "Good for you!" Music is a language that all people understand. It reaches into the soul and speaks a special message to each person. It helps to relieve stress and you can talk to someone through music when the words are not there. It is an art and a way of thinking. Did you know that it also teaches problem solving? Music is a type of math. And, it is a science too! Playing in a band of musicians can teach a person how to work in a group of people and how  to get something done together (work toward a common goal in a creative way). Performing music in front of an audience can teach you how to give a presentation in front of a group of people (scary.....).

Well the time has come to learn about "beats" and "measures." You have all the tools you need to play any note on the piano and to tell someone which note you are playing. Right? You know the white notes. And you know both names for the black notes. So now it's time to learn how long to play a note. In other words, make a little music!

Before we proceed, log the following terms in your notebook.

  • Whole Step- Definition: 2 half steps added together.
  • Natural- Definition: Don't Flat or Sharp a note.

We will get back to these terms and more about what they do in later lessons.

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