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Pre- Lesson Preparation Apple QuickTime

Student NotesFor the next set of lessons you will need a browser such as Netscape Navigator™ 4.0 or above that supports "Plug-ins."

  • You will need a plug-in that will play Quick Time™ MIDI file Movies.
  • You will also need all the Quick Time™ software including Quick Time™ Musical instruments (MacOS) or a Sound Card (DOS).

Special Technical Note: This On-line Course was developed using an Apple Macintosh™ computer running system 7.2 and the Netscape Navigator™ 2.0 Browser. The reliability of other platforms or browsers is unknown. If you do not hear any sound after collecting the required software, try pushing on the speaker icon on the slider bar to turn up the Quick Time™ file volume.

We will be using an online metronome which uses the above software. In later lessons, we will be using this same software to demonstrate pieces of music and how to play them. If there is already a Quick Time™ file on your screen below and it is playing "clicks" about once every second, you already have the software you need to proceed. If not, follow the links below and collect all the software you need and return to this page to see if it is all working.

You should have something on your screen above
that looks like this

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