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Student NotesYou will need your piano keyboard for this next lesson. When you are ready, push the play button on the slider bar below.

Instead of hearing a "click," you are now listening to the sound of a piano. Each piano sound you hear represents one "click." The sound you hear is the note "F" above "middle C."

Place the ring finger of your right hand on the "F" note of your keyboard. Remember to find middle C on your keyboard first, then go up four white keys to "F." If you need a refresher, go back to Lesson 1 and re-read that lesson.

Begin tapping the "F" note to match the "F" note being played by the slider bar. Continue to play the "F" note along with the slider bar for 3 minutes. As you do this, let your eyes move from one "F" note to the next "F" note on the staff above. Repeat as needed. You are practicing your "Read and Play" music skill

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