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Student NotesWelcome to lesson number Two. In lesson number one you learned how to find "C" on the piano and to locate "middle C." You also learned the other notes on the white keys. Now it's time to learn about the black keys.

The notes on a piano are divided into "half Steps." Locate "middle C." Now move up the keyboard (to your right) to the first black key. The distance between middle C and the first black key is 1 "half step." Now move up the keyboard, from the black key, to the next white key (which is "D"). The distance between that black key and "D" is 1 "half step."

12 Note CompanionThe reason we are learning this, is to build a foundation for you to learn about "sharps" and "flats." The names of the black notes will end with the word "sharp" or "flat."

Now, go to "E" on the keyboard. Move up the keyboard from "E" to "F." The distance between "E" and "F" is also 1 "half step." This can be confusing since you are not moving from a black key to a white key. To clear up the confusion, just remember that any time you are moving from one key to the next (which includes the black keys), you are moving 1 "half step."

This is all you need to learn here. The point is to learn how to move 1 "half step."

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