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Same song (chords), new melody

Student NotesSeven is heaven and it's good to see you here. Ready for more Jazz? Let's do it!

In order to construct a new melody based on existing chords, it is a wise idea to begin by using the notes in the scale for each chord in the song. Consider the following chord set from a song.

Cmaj7 - Dm7 - Em7 - F - G7 - C

In your music workbook, write the chord symbol (above) for each chord on a separate staff. Use the Treble Clef. Next, construct the scale for each chord and write the notes on the staff. Review "Intermediate Studies" if you've forgotten how to do this. When you are done, you should have 6 treble clef staffs with 1 chord and the scale for that chord.

Go through and randomly circle two notes on each staff. When you have completed this you should have 12 notes circled, two from each staff.

For the last step, add one new blank treble clef. On this new staff, enter all the notes you circled beginning with the Cmaj7 staff and ending with the C staff. Make each note a quarter note. Make the Time Signature 4/4. Now draw in the measure lines. You should end up with 3 measures of 4/4 with 4 quarter notes to a measure.

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