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Song Form (the chart)

Student NotesWelcome to Lesson Number 4. It is good to see you here. If you've come all the way through this On-line course, you have come a long long way and I'm real proud of you. Good Job! Let's continue with learning more about the "form" of a song. O.K? By the way how did your counting exercise go? This lesson may help clear up a few unknowns for you and make clear some odd things that you might have run into.

Another way to describe "Head" and "Bridge" is by using the letters (A) and (B).

Head = (A)

Bridge = (B)

If there are any additional groups that are different (in chord pattern or melody line) then the "Head" or the "Bridge," these new groups are assigned additional letters such as (C), (D), etc. Some teachers use letters and numbers to describe a song's form. Example:

(A1) - (A2) - (B) - (B2)- (A2)

We will use both in our studies (letters alone and letters with numbers).

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