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Student NotesIt is Music Math time again. Every major scale has Roman Numerals assigned to each note. See the figure above? The root note, C in this case, is I.

  • D is II
  • E is III
  • F is IV
  • G is V
  • A is VI
  • B is VII
  • high C is back to a root note for the C scale.

Not to hard too remember is it? This part is easy. It gets somewhat more confusing as we go so pay close attention.

As we mentioned in previous lessons, songs are written based on a scale chosen by the composer. Each scale has a root note. In the example above the root note is C. So far so good? If I asked you to play the 5 note in this scale on your keyboard, which note would you play?

Answer= G

If I asked you to play the 7 note in this scale which note would you play?

Answer= B

The reason this lesson is so important is that it is designed to give you a good foundation for learning "chords" and for "ear training" in the lessons that follow. Both are valuable tools needed to play the piano or any other instrument well.

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