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Student NotesWelcome to Lesson Number 9. To help teach chords it is wise to teach "Ear Training." Ear Training is something that each musician learns in order to help them to be better players. I'd like you to be able to increase your skills, so Ear Training is important and rewarding. It's great to be able to pick out someone playing a minor or a major chord in a song. And, when you are reading music, Ear Training helps your brain to recognize the possible sound of a chord before you play it. That's nice. And if you play the chord, and you hear something unexpected, you can check later to see if that chord is written correctly or if you played it correctly. Keep this in mind: "There are lots of mistakes in written music." I've read many pieces of music with lots of errors, so don't assume you've made the mistake until you've checked it out.

Below are some Ear Training exercises. Look at the chord and then push play on the slider bar to hear the chord. Do this for 5 minutes total.


When you are done, try to play each chord on your own keyboard.


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