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Starter Studies

Lesson 12 - Section 1

Staff for Counting Practice

Learning to Count in Time

Welcome to lesson 12. This is another counting lesson. Let’s call the 3 staff lines in the image for this section, the “Counting Songs.”

Counting can be fun. There are many methods used to teach counting. I was taught on the 1-e-and-a, 2-e-and-a method.

The lyrics below the notes represent the timing for the note above it. Any word can be used. I’ve chosen to use words that relate to what you see on the staff. However you could use:

dog, doggie, bone
cat, kitten, mew
bike, biker, run
milk, milking, cow

Any combination of words can be used. Just match the syllables to the note rhythm.

Play the mp3 audio file below. The mp3 file combines all of the 3 staff lines shown in the image. A “clap” sound is used for representing the note rhythms. There is a 1 bar count off. 

While listening to the mp3 file, speak the lyrics (words) below each note in time along with the “clap” sounds. You don't have to sing, just say the words.

Do this for 6 times through.

As you can see, counting is easy when you use a word method like we have done in this exercise. In the next section I will give you more words to use with other notes.

Lesson 12 - Section 2

Staff for Learning to Count

Using a Metronome

Use these words to practice your counting. And, it is time to buy or borrow a metronome. A metronome is either a mechanical or electrical device that plays a steady beat for you to practice rhythms and time keeping.

There are also an assortment of metronome apps for your phone that you can use as well.

Choose some songs out of a simple piano book like the one you have been using and practice reading the rhythms (counting) using the new words you learned today.

Then, that’s it. You are done for the day. The previous lesson was so long that I decided to shorten this lesson to make up for it. Have fun counting.

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