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Advanced Studies

Lesson 9 - Section 1

The Blues Scale

The Blues Scale

An important part of learning the 12-Bar Blues is knowing how to construct and perform a Blues Scale. The formula for constructing a basic Blues Scale is shown in figure one displayed in the image for this section. In your music note book, construct a Blues Scale using the following root notes:


You can now add the Blues Scale to your List of Available Resources for Improvising.

Your Assignment for this Week

On your keyboard, play each of the Blue Scales you have constructed 5 times from bottom note to top note. Then play5 times from top note to bottom note. In other words, up and down each scale.

Using the F Blues scale that you’ve constructed in your music note book, experiment with playing the notes in random order and with different rhythms. Do this for 30 minutes. See how many variations you can come with.

Lesson 9 - Section 2

Clinton Clark - Film Score Composer

Our Final Lesson Together

It has been a real pleasure teaching you to read music and play the piano at PianoNanny's “Piano on the Net.” I hope you continue your studies and tell others what you have learned here.  

Congratulations!  And thank you for bringing more music into the world.

If you would like to help support these free piano lessons online, please consider purchasing a track or two of music written and recorded by me and sold at either Songtradr or Pond5.

I would like to thank my band director Donn Bearman who opened my eyes to the world of Jazz in the 70’s. Donn created two Jazz courses at our high school, Barrington High School, called Jazz Rock I and Jazz Rock II. The classes set me on a path to become both a Jazz musician, studio musician, and a film score composer. I’d also like to thank all of my Jazz friends that I met along the way. We played some very fine gigs together and I really appreciate the time we spent together.


Clinton Clark

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