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Intermediate Studies

Lesson 6 - Section 1

Left-Hand Chording

Left Hand Chording

While we are learning chords and how to construct them, I have an assignment for you. It’s the “Rocking Hand Motion” that you see in the two pictures displayed in the image for this section. This hand motion will be used for playing many Left Hand basic chording rhythms.

These basic rhythms can be played in the left hand while the right hand is playing the melody line. In the next section will be the rhythms I want you to learn. Practice each left hand rhythm for 2 minutes every day for 2 weeks. It is important that you do this to train your brain to keep a steady rhythm in your left hand so that you can be free to play a melody line in your right hand.

Lesson 6 - Section 2

Left Hand Chording Patterns

4/4 – 90 BPM metronome clicks (for #1 and #3)

3/4 – 90 BPM metronome clicks (for #2)

2/4 – 90 BPM metronome clicks (for #4)

Left Hand Chording 2

Let your hand relax and rock back and fourth like the pictures in the preceding section. Your center knuckle is the pivot point.

All of the left hand rhythm patterns in the image for this section are based on a root note of C. That means you are playing a pattern based on the C scale and the chord C.

Now play the mp3 audio files below the image. You will hear metronome clicks at 90 BPM (beats per minute) for each Time Signature shown. Use this 90 BPM tempo with the correct Time Signature to practice each left hand chord pattern. Refer back to the hand posture images at the beginning of the lesson, if needed, to see the left-hand roll back and forth motion.

When you have finished go to the next section and it is time to say “Good Job” again. Well done.

Lesson 6 - Section 3

Student Award Certificate

Good Job!

Again you have succeeded in earning your self another Golden Star award certificate (just click to download the PDF).

Bear hug time again too. Give yourself a big one. You are doing very well. And you are worth it! I will see you back here for Lesson Number 7.

By the way, is it time for another pop quiz yet?

Have you memorized Key Signatures and the Major and minor scale formulas?

Now would be a good time to work on this, if you have not . . .

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